This is evidenced by:

  • Its affiliation with ICE Futures US, the world’s leading market place for trading coffee. Operating under a service agreement with ICE Futures US has given the GCA access to the vast resources of the exchange and permitted it to exploit many synergies while at the same time allowed the GCA to carry out its mission and maintain its unique identity.
  • The effectiveness and acceptance of the GCA’s Arbitration Rules and Proceedings.
  • The expansion of GCA membership and activities. Increasingly, the Association seeks to expand its scope of its impact globally as reflected in the decision to hold educational conferences in producing countries at least every two years.
  • The wide and growing use of the Green Coffee Contract and the rigorous quality standards which member firms are held to. The GCA contract is used in over 95% of coffee imports into the U.S. and Canada.

Who should join the Green Coffee Association?

Any individual or company dealing with the export, transport, storage, insurance, financing, importing, trading and/or roasting of green coffee.


What are the benefits of membership in the GCA?

  • Representation
    Members of the GCA are eligible to serve on any of the association’s committees. As committee members, member firms can take an active role in determining strategy for the organization and providing important input on issues like contract terms to ensure they reflect current business practices and modes of transport. The committees include Traffic & Warehouse, By-Laws & Contracts, Membership and Activities.
  • Access to Information
    Members of the Association are regularly informed of important issues and events affecting the coffee trade. Information on non-satisfaction of arbitration awards is also distributed to members.
  • Participation in Educational and Social Activities
    Organized by the Traffic and Warehouse Committee, member firms are invited to attend periodic seminars on U.S. Customs and other traffic issues. Member firms are also invited to attend at least two special events, a convention in early fall, a Holiday dinner party and a summer golf outing. Special events have included an evening at the races, and a dinner dance cruise and are organized by the Activities Committee. Pricing for most of these events is discounted for member firms. Organized by the Standard Type Committee, members are invited to participate in various Cupping and Grading Seminars held throughout the year. These seminars are geared towards educating those new to the coffee industry and to also give coffee veterans a chance to brush up on their skills an opportunity to cup with their peers.

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